Friday, 20 January 2017

What Country I Would Like To Visit?


I would like to go to Japan because I think there is very nice people there and there is heaps of islands there which is very cool. I would also like to go to japan because I would like to try out their national sports which is Sumo Wrestling, Karate and Ken do. That is my reason of why I would like to visit Japan.

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  1. Hi Telesia!

    Welcome to Japan. You have made an awesome choice. It is a fascinating country! I think that it's great that you have chosen to go to Japan in order to experience their national sports. My son, Aronui, currently does Ken-do. He loves it! He has lessons twice a week at a school in Epsom that is close to where I work. He has to wear the full uniform and he has to learn how to walk and how to move correctly. He's currently the youngest member of the club but he doesn't seem to mind. The rest of the members are really kind to him.

    I'm hoping that he will continue to train and that, one day, he will go to Japan to compete. If he goes, I would really like to go with him!

    Have you ever tried ken-do, sumo wrestling or karate? If so, did you enjoy it?

    I hope that you will really enjoy your travels through Japan, Telesia. There is so much to learn about the people, customs, language and culture of this amazing country.

    Sayonara (for now) and safe travels!

    Rachel :)


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