Thursday, 30 March 2017

After the spill

After the spill

  1. Where and when did the event take place? The event took place in Tauranga

  1. Using the article and first few pages of the book, write a brief summary to explain what happened in the Rena oil spill. The waves were very strong as the the boat was traveling from Tauranga to Napier. The ship was filled with 350 tonnes of oil. The ship collapsed into the water and poured out all of the oil. The oil spill killed a lot of sea creatures and made the seafood poisonous, which made the people curious whether or not the food is safe to eat. Over 8000 people volunteered to help clean the coastline. They helped clean off the the bodies of 409 birds and collected 2410 birds covered in oil. People were wondering whether it will happen again.
  1. What role do you think scientists might have played, “after the oil spill”? They examined the seafood to see if they could eat it or not

  1. Why was it important for the iwi and scientists to work together? The iwi had some important information that the scientist needs and the scientist needed the iwi to get some advice from the local iwi

  1. How will the findings help the scientists and iwi if there was a similar disaster? They will be ready and will know what to do next time this happens

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Oil Spill

In room 8 we read a book called “After the spill”. We were told to make a poster about what will happen to the food chain or what will disrupt it. Here is the poster I made.

Monday, 27 March 2017


Pollution is something that is harming the earth that has animals and humans in it. All sorts of pollution is bad. For example Air Pollution, Water Pollution and Climate Change. Those are 3 main ways we are harming the earth. People are throwing rubbish on the ground, cutting down trees and using too much gas which is atrocious.

Air Pollution

Air Pollution is something that is bad for us humans and believe it or not we are the ones that are causing it. We keep on cutting down trees when we clearly need it and loads of rubbish is thrown onto the ground. There are too many factories around the world releasing too much smoke into the air. That means less fresh air, which might cause us to eventually die.Trees provide oxygen which we need to breathe.

Climate Change

Climate change is just like the weather but slower. When the sun's light reflects onto the earth, it reflects back into the atmosphere and what they call the greenhouse gases traps the warmth into the greenhouse gases. We only need a few of the greenhouse gases. It keeps the earth warm enough for us to live in. Because we are using too much gas, it's releasing more warmth into the greenhouse gases which is making our planet warmer and warmer and reacting like a blanket.

Water Pollution

Water Pollution is what is killing our sea animals and could make our water dirty and disgusting. There are loads of rubbish in the sea near the pacific ocean. That is not because of the people living in Tonga, Samoa or Fiji. The rubbish near the pacific ocean comes from U.S.A, Russia and many more. When rubbish is thrown into the sea they all come together and travel to small countries or islands like Tonga, Samoa, Fiji and more.


The world is starting to fall apart because of pollution around the world. Not everyone will agree to stop pollution because we need cars to get around. So what I have written down is what will happen if we keep on polluting the environment.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Write4Gold by Vanessa York


Why is the title of the article ‘Write4Gold’? Because it is the name of the graffiti competition

Is this graffiti illegal? Graffiti is illegal because they think it is vandalism and because it is tagged on buildings without the owner's permission

Can graffiti be considered art? Yes

What is your opinion of graffiti? I think that it is a beautiful kind of art and should be shown everywhere

What is the main message of this poem about graffiti? That graffiti is a disgrace and should stay illegal

How did the authors of the poem and article feel about graffiti? I think the author thinks that graffiti is an amazing and should stop it from being illegal.
If you were designing a graffiti image about the environment, what might you create?

E.g. plastic bags in the shape of a whale.

Different parts of a Marae

In room 8 we learned about the parts of the Marae. In this picture I have labelled the different parts of the Marae

Wednesday, 22 March 2017


In room 8 we read a story about graffiti that is called Write4gold. We were told to interpret some photos that had very meaningful words to people around the world

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Drain Art

In room 8 we have been learning about water pollution and sustainability. So we decided to draw what ever we want related to the topic with chalk around some of our drains at our school. For example we could draw some fish or rubbish near the drain.

Here is some picture of when we went to draw near the drains

Earth Resources

Earth’s Resources
We are developing  an understanding that water, air, rocks and soil, and life forms make up our planet and recognise that these are also Earth’s resources.

What is a resource?
A resource is one of earth's natural makings
What are some natural resources?
  • Sunlight
  • Air
  • Rocks
  • Plants
  • Animals
What is a renewable resource?
  • A resource that can be replaced from time to time
What is a nonrenewable resource?
  • A resource that can run out
Do all countries have the same resources?
  • No, because some countries don’t have the same resources as other countries do.
What resources would be valuable to own?
  • Plants to eat
  • Air to breathe
  • Sunlight to help grow plants
  • Soil to grow plants
  • Animals

What is the problem with the way we are using our natural resources? Fill in the gaps below!

  1. We are using too much of our current supplies as we use them faster than they take to make.
  2. We are Polluting the air, soil and water.
  3. We are wasting the resources as we buy and throw them away too quickly. We should recycle, reduce, and reuse .

How can you look after our health?

We need to look after our health very well. Most people in NZ don’t care about being healthy and they just eat junk food. For us to be healthy we have to have a good hygiene and live a happy life.
Eating Healthy is very good for your health
Eating healthy makes you fit and improve your mental health. Also it helps you sleep better if your are struggling to. If you are stressed out just eat healthy food before you go to sleep.Eating healthy food provides energy and keep your heart beating. If you eat a lot of unhealthy food it makes you gain weight and if you keep on continuing you could get even fatter.
Drinking water is very good for your health
Drinking water improves your moods and help boost your energy level up. Drinking water also cleans out your toxins out of your body and makes your skin look young and healthy. If you stop drinking water you will start to dehydrate which is very very bad. When you are dehydrated you will not focus and you energy level won’t be at its best. Maybe drink a glass of water after every meal will really help improve your health
Staying fit can really help with your health
It can increase your strength and grow muscles. Staying fit can also make you lose a lot of weight and become faster. Going for a run at least once a week can burn a lot of fat. Believe or not sweating is actually really good, it is a sign that you are losing some weight.
Now make sure that you eat healthy, stay fit and drink heaps of water. I hope you have learnt a lot after reading my writing and make sure to stay healthy

Sketch Note

In room 8 we learned how to dominate division. Here is a sketch note not that I have created.

My Pepeha Panel

These photos represent where I come from and the things I love

My Pepeha

My Poster

In Reading this week we were learning about the different types of energy and power. We were told to create a poster about any type of energy and I chose Tidal Energy

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Cyber Smart

We have been learning to reference our images. We need to find an image that is labelled reuse and reference the authors name, date and include a link. On the bottom of the the photo I have written down the the date and the author to this photo
Image result for puppies
Link: o2ma @ Flickr Date: April 2008

Friday, 10 March 2017

Why we should drink water

Water is one of the most important things in the world. Not just to us but to animals as well. Without water we won’t be healthy or we won’t survive. Lucky we have nice fresh water here in New Zealand. Water is so strong and powerful it helps with nearly anything like headaches, weight loss and can help your muscles or abs grow.

Water helps burn calories and your fat. Water keeps you hydrated and helps you avoid overeating. A lot of people confuse thirst for hunger. So the’ll tend to eat rather than drink water. Drinking 100 ounces a day could really help you. It may seem impossible but it isn’t. Maybe 2 cups of water after every meal.  

Water helps you think, focus and concentrate better and be more alert. It also boosts your energy level. If you don’t drink water you will get dehydrated, which means your brain will shut down and not run at it’s full speed. It will will also cause exhaustion, headaches, sleep issues, stress and memory loss. You might even forget your family.

Water cleans out the toxins in your skin. If you want your skin to be healthier and look younger, all you have to do is drink water. By not drinking water you are making your skin dry, flakey and wrinkled, so you won’t look healthier and younger looking.

Now you know how important water is to everyone. You now have reasons why you need to drink water. So everyday you should have a glass of water to keep you fit, focused, and keep your skin as young as possible your. Make sure if you have a family keep them drinking water too.  

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Water Pollution

Selkies Wanted

In reading we were learning about the mythical creature they call the selkie. A selkies is part seal and part human. They trick fish men into falling in love with them. I have created a wanted poster about the selkies

Science Intensive With Mrs Tofa

In science Intensive with Mrs Tofa We were learning about Water pollution. These are types of rubbish that have been seen in the ocean and how many years or months it takes to decompose.

Rubbish Dumped into the sea
  • Diaper - 250 to 500 years
  • Bottle Top - 450 years
  • Glass Bottles - Million Years
  • Plastics - A Thousands Years
  • Fishing Line - 600 Years
  • Tyres - 50 to 80 Years
  • Milk Cartons - 5 Years
  • Plastic Bottles -
  • Tin Cans - 50 years
  • Leather Shoes - 25 to 50 years
  • Paper - 6 Weeks
  • Plants - 2 Years
  • Plastic Straw - 200 Years
  • Cardboard - 2 Months
  • Human Hair - 2 Years
  • Gum - 7 years
  • Yogurt Container - 15 Years
  • Orange Peels - 6 Months
  • Leafs - 2 Years
  • Juice Packets - 33 Years
  • Rocks - 1000 Years

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Science Intensive with Mrs Sigamoney

Science Intensive

In Science Intensive room 8 went for a field trip around the school with clean paper towels. Guess why we needed the paper towels. Yes! We used it to wipe different surfaces around the school to see how much dust or dirt is on it. Obviously you cant see the dirt in the air but it goes onto different surfaces and makes it dirty. Here our our final results

Clean Paper Towel                                                                                       Dirty Paper Towel

                                                              Can you see the Difference?