Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Gymnastics Week 6

For today's lesson, as usual, we started warming up by running around the hall 10 times. Because it was the last week our coach, Ethan, decided to test us on simple gymnastics skills that were taught to us throughout the past few weeks. (For example, a handstand, cartwheel etc.) The most difficult skill would definitely be the handstand. It was great to see other students participating and trying their best to master that skill. Lastly Ethan tallied up the points and gave us either a bronze, silver or gold rubber band based on the score we received. Most of the students received and silver rubber band which was great. It was time for Maya to say a small thank you speech to our coach for all the hard work he had done to teach us.

We had a fantastic 6 weeks learning gymnastics and we hope to get another opportunity again!

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Information Points - Glow in the Dark

1. WALT :
Make connections between different sources of information.

Meaning of WALT - Make links between different websites or videos of information.

2. Collection of Information :
Glow in the Dark known as Luminescence simply requires chemicals that store energy into the light.
These special substances are called phosphors (Different wording - Phosphorescence).
Make sure the expose the item to a light for a while so that it could glow in the dark again.
Chemiluminescence makes the object glow in the dark because of the chemical reaction.
Phosphors found in glow-in-the-dark toys are zinc sulfide and strontium aluminate.  
Radioluminescence uses phosphors that are constantly charged by adding radioactive elements, such as radium, to them.
One from nature is Bioluminescence. Some creatures, such as fireflies and jellyfishes, contain chemicals within them the causes things to glow. Some creates glow for protection.

Glow in the dark - Also known as luminescence
Chemicals that restore energy when exposed to light
These special substances are called phosphors
Needs to be exposed to light (for energy) to be able to glow in the dark
They  restore their energy over time

3. Words :

Phosphors or Phosphorescence
Zinc Sulfide
Strontium Aluminate
Radioactive Elements
Bio luminescence

4. Diagram (Glow in the Dark Experiment)

By the wonderful Newsam

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Maths Diary

21st August 2018

Today in maths, I learnt to solve repetition problems using multiplication. Each house group chose a name and picked out the consonants and vowels which valued a certain number.

For example:

E.g, Lachlan had 5 consonants and 2 vowels and so we knew that consonants equaled to 0.23 and vowels equaled to 0.67. 0.23 x 5 and 0.67 x 2. We added them together and it equaled to 2.49

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Science Intensive - Room 9

Today, we were taken to room 9 for their fun and exciting science intensive. The overall topic in Miss Smith's class was 'make up'. She took us threw slides and showed us some makeup which were used on stage and in movies. We had the chance to sketch our very own makeup look on a piece of paper. It could be anything we desired. It could be a superhero or something really simple like an animal. I chose to create a Halloween themed look. Once we finished, the whole of room 7 were finally taken to the art room to paint and finish off. The final result was fantastic!

What I learnt:

Stage makeup is very important to highlight or capture facial features under big bright lights. Make up is not only used for woman but are used by many male actors, singers and k pop idols to make their skin look naturally flawless.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Science Intensive - Room 7

Gymnastics Wk3

7th August 2018

Today's gymnastics lesson was taught by a new coach named Ethan. First we started off by playing a warm up game named Balance. We had to run around the hall and then freeze into a balancing position. We did that about 5 or 6 times, so it was very tiring. Next we sat down and did our stretches, which were pike, straddle, butterfly, front support, back support and L shape. Some were very hard but we still gave it a go. Next Ethan introduced us to the nine new stations that were set up around the hall. My favourite station was having to position both our hands on the floor and slowly climbing both our feet higher and higher up the wall. It was challenging but being able to complete the station was the very the best part. I am looking forward for next week's lesson and having more and more fun.