Friday, 27 October 2017

Digi Tech - Animated Story Presentation

This week for technology we learnt and created a animated digital story with the help of our teacher Miss Anderson. This Abby and Devin Animated story includes instructions and screenshots about how to create an Animated story in scratch. This presentaion will help me create more using these very important tips and instructions.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

What is Halloween?

What is Halloween?

Halloween is a very festive and popular holiday, that is celebrated every year on October 31st. Halloween was originally called All Saints eve, All hallows, Samhain and soon shortened into halloween.

All saints day was made to remember those who have died. People believed that on the night of October 31st, the ghost of the dead would return to earth. In the eighth century many people ate soul cakes and carved pumpkins. They also disguised themselves by wearing costumes, so that they can fit in with the dead.

Back in the day it was more of trick than treat. For example kids or teenagers egg and trash people's houses. Now, halloween is more friendly, kidlike and more of a commercial holiday. Which means it's more about buying and spending loads of money. America especially tends to spend more than 6 billion dollars a year just on this holiday.

Halloween now is celebrated in many different ways. People watch scary movies, go trick or treating, decorate and do an activity called apple bobbing. In different countries people celebrate halloween differently.

Most mexican families create an altar for their loved ones and decorate it with their favourite things. (the loved one's favourite food, thing etc). On November 2nd is when they come together, wear disguises and paint faces quite similar to a skull. They call this The day of the dead. This is also how Asians celebrate it as well.

In the end, it is important to understand why halloween is celebrated and the importance of this holiday. Happy Halloween!

What is Christmas?

Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December every year. Everyone honours and loves this holiday because this was the day Jesus was born.

Many New Zealanders celebrate this holiday by decorating the inside and out of their houses to prepare for the special day. A lot of people also put big christmas trees and decorate them as well.

Around of the christmas tree goes the christmas presents. Now, the christmas presents are only to opened on christmas morning. Opening it before wouldn’t be as special.

Before the special day we have something called Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve has many of its own customs and traditions, for example people have something called ‘Midnight Mass’. Midnight Mass is a Christmas Eve  tradition in the Roman Catholic Church.

Many people have the tradition in which they open one gift on Christmas Eve and it would be their Christmas pajamas, so when they wake up on Christmas morning they'll be wearing their Christmas pajamas, while others wait until Christmas Morning to unwrap all the gifts, including what Santa Claus has brought them. Lastly people sing christmas carols such as:

  • We wish you a merry christmas
  • Twas the night before christmas
  • Silent Night
  • The 12 Days of Christmas
  • Ave Maria
  • Joy to world
  • Jingle Bells

And many many more. Everyone in New Zealand love and enjoys celebrating the birth of Jesus. They love giving to one another and sharing there love that they have for each other.


Te Reo Maori - Favourite Food

This week for Te Reo Maori we learnt how to say some of our favourite foods in Maori. Here is a google drawing that I have made showing the different kinds of foods and what I have learnt.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Six Photos by Dylan Owen

Six Photos  by Dylan Owen
We are learning to consider the deeper meaning of an image

Word in a sentence
Boots with nails in the soul
I have hobnailed boots
Accepting or allowing what happens.
I am passive towards your idea
A period of a hundred years
I was born in the 18th century
To exaggerate something
A good writer may always make a good metaphor

Can photos help historians to work out what was happening in history? why/why not?
Yes because the filter, background props and the way the people have dressed.

What was different about taking a photo in 1870 compared to taking a photo today?
Nowadays we use filters, effects and photoshop

What is powerful about the image on page 10 - what is the story behind this image?
They wore a mix of pakeha and maori clothing. For example people wore hob-nailed boots followed by hats,which were european. Some people wore feathers as a symbol of passive resistance

On page 13 we see quite a controversial (in modern times) image - what does this image tell us about what was acceptable then?
Representative icons, fancy dresses, costumes,pirates, soldiers, princes, and kings.
Why do you think some of these costumes would not be acceptable today?
We are not familiar with the different clothing and accessories.  
Page 15

On page 15 we see an image of Irini. What do you think the photographer wants us to know about her?
The tattoos, her hair and her clothing.

What stands out to you in the image on page 17?
Mostly the dead trees on the backgrounds

If you could ask the family a question, what would you ask?
How was it like living like this?

Why do you think the photographer took the image on page 19?
To make everyone think about what is in the photo

What do you think was going on outside of the frame
I think there was maybe people or a weird background

My Imagination Visit

In writing this week we learnt how to write to a specific audience. For example kids, adults, teenagers and the elderly. I have created a recount that is suitable for young children. 

So, I used less difficult words, kept it PG (so no violence, blood or killing) and added PG photos. Please Enjoy! :)

The Meaning Behind Photos

In reading this week, we have been learning how to inference. Which is reading between the lines and trying to go deeper into the story. In this case we are inferencing a photo. We looked at some old photos from a book called Six Photos. Each photo had some kind of meaning behind them. 

In this photo there is a person in a scream mask behind a teal door. 
It was taken in our school library just at the back. 

Lets see if you can imagine what this would look like 100 
years from now or 100 years back. Obviously there will be 
some changes or differences. 

Can you make any inferences in this photo?