Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Six Photos by Dylan Owen

Six Photos  by Dylan Owen
We are learning to consider the deeper meaning of an image

Word in a sentence
Boots with nails in the soul
I have hobnailed boots
Accepting or allowing what happens.
I am passive towards your idea
A period of a hundred years
I was born in the 18th century
To exaggerate something
A good writer may always make a good metaphor

Can photos help historians to work out what was happening in history? why/why not?
Yes because the filter, background props and the way the people have dressed.

What was different about taking a photo in 1870 compared to taking a photo today?
Nowadays we use filters, effects and photoshop

What is powerful about the image on page 10 - what is the story behind this image?
They wore a mix of pakeha and maori clothing. For example people wore hob-nailed boots followed by hats,which were european. Some people wore feathers as a symbol of passive resistance

On page 13 we see quite a controversial (in modern times) image - what does this image tell us about what was acceptable then?
Representative icons, fancy dresses, costumes,pirates, soldiers, princes, and kings.
Why do you think some of these costumes would not be acceptable today?
We are not familiar with the different clothing and accessories.  
Page 15

On page 15 we see an image of Irini. What do you think the photographer wants us to know about her?
The tattoos, her hair and her clothing.

What stands out to you in the image on page 17?
Mostly the dead trees on the backgrounds

If you could ask the family a question, what would you ask?
How was it like living like this?

Why do you think the photographer took the image on page 19?
To make everyone think about what is in the photo

What do you think was going on outside of the frame
I think there was maybe people or a weird background

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