Thursday, 15 March 2018

Around the World - Poetry No.2

Around the World - Poetry No.2, The Benefits of Exercise

My Ratings : 10

Summary : 

This poems explains the struggle of losing weight. The author himself explained why he has written the poem. And that is because it was very difficult for him to lose weight, but very easy to gain weight. He is now 77 years old and has reached his target weight.

My Thoughts :

I thought that the poem was excellent. It is very sad that the author has gone threw these struggles himself, but his poem is written very well. 

If you want to see the poem yourself, click here

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Marae Labelling

Can You Hear That?

For the past 2 weeks now, we have been working on the book Can you hear that? It tells us about sound, how it is produced, the characteristics of sound and how humans and animals hear sound. I found it interesting that some animals have a larger eardrum, making sound louder for them. I learnt that sound causes vibrations that create sound waves. These sound waves create sound. 

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How is sound produced?

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Around the World Reading - Poetry

Around the World - Poem, Today Feels Dreadful

My Ratings : 9

Author : Taylor Loslein

Summary : 

I think that the poem talks about how much the person's depression has taken over him/her. Its about how 'useless' this person think he/she is and how this person is sometimes forgotten. 

My Thoughts :

 Aside from how sad this poem is, I think that the metaphors that the author used as well as the words that they used really expanded the poem more. Meaning that the words really made the readers understand the poem more. 

If you want to read the poem yourself, click here

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Saturday, 10 March 2018


For the past few weeks Glenbrae School has been learning how to play volleyball taught by two wonderful coaches, Elena and Sam. Last week and the weeks before we learnt the moves digging, setting and serving. This week we learnt how to spike. First, you will need to step to the left, then to the right together with the other foot. This altogether will need to be at a fast paste and will need your arms to swing in order to have that momentum. After the foot work, you then will have the energy to bounce off your feet and hit the ball downwards. Everyone in our class did very well and learnt a lot. We are always looking forward for our next lesson. 

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Swimming Lessons

For the past 5 weeks now, room 7 has been learning how to swim. We have mainly focused on freestyle and backstroke. Freestyle is swimming above the water with your head facing down. Along with your arms rotating pass your ears and thigh. Backstroke is the same except with your face facing upwards. I think we ll improved and are ready in case of an emergency. 

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Perspective Art

For the past 2 weeks, room 7 has been working on Perspective Art. In perspective art, you use shadings and vanishing lines to really make it look realistic. I think that everyone's art was outstanding but here are two pieces that just stood out and caught my eye. 


Vodafone Warriors' Visit

Today, at Glenbrae school we had the opportunity to meet three amazing vodafone warrior players. Lewis, Kiano and Joe. Along with their visit, they taught us the importance of hydration, belonging and sleep. We played quizzes games and to top it all off, they gave us the amazing chance to receive awards such as bottles, bags, balls and wristbands. I mostly enjoyed playing the games because it got me energized and hyped up. There’re visit was very exciting and fun. Our school had so much fun and learned many many interesting facts.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Te Reo Maori - Mihi

Today in room 7, Mrs Tofa decided we create a mihi for ourselves. In our mihi, it includes our name, culture, parents name and our grandparents name. Here it is below

Monday, 5 March 2018

Winter Olympics 2018

For reading this week we learnt about the Winter Olympics. This year, it was hosted by Pyeongchang in South Korea. Our assignment for this week was to learn more about the hosting country and about the events that were held. Here is a slide I have created to show the events, representatives (NZ), some videos of some of the competitions and the medals list. Which shows who earned the most medals. 

History of Writing

In room 7, we learnt about the history of Writing. When writing I have always thought about computer, keyboard, screen and letters. I never thought about what they used when they didn't have any devices. I did some research and put together a Google Presentation about how writing was back then and the types of writing. A timeline, How writing improved as the years went on.