Friday, 5 January 2018

SLJ WK3 Day 4 Activity 1, 2 & 3

Activity 1: Hairy Maclary

One of the most famous children’s stories to ever come out of New Zealand, Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy, was written by a kiwi woman named Lynley Dodd. The book was originally published in 1983. It is now sold in dozens of countries around the world. It features a small dog named Hairy.

On your blog, use the following sentence starter from the original book to finish the story.

“Out of the gate and off for a walk went Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy…”

To earn full points, your story should have, at least, 8-10 sentences.

He walked and walked along the park and met a few other dogs and played with them. Unfortunately, all dogs weren’t all nice and friendly. He was called Machete. He was the dog that wandered around the park and the street looking for trouble. Hairy Maclary continued to play and play with his fellow dog mates until Machete arrived. As always Machete tried to get himself into trouble. He started barking and barking at Hairy Maclary until he got terrified and ran. Machete straight away ran after him down the street where there was many food trucks such as the hot dog bar, churros bar, smoothie bar, tacos bar, burgers bar and many more. One by one the dogs ran down the street accidentally destroying each food truck. The dogs made such a humongous mess. Hairy Maclary, Machete and his friends noticed how much mess they made. They put there troubles aside and decided to help clean up. It took them almost 3 hours but they managed to clean it up. While cleaning up, Hairy Maclary got the chance to bond with Machete. Soon after they started playing with each other and hanging out more. They were the best of friends.

Activity 2: The Big 'OE'
In the 1980s it became increasingly common for students to graduate from high school and take a year off to travel and experience the world. This year was often referred to as the ‘Big OE’ or ‘Big Overseas Experience.’ A number of kiwis headed to places like Australia and England to live and work before returning to New Zealand to finish their studies.

Imagine that you are a student in the 1980s and you’re about to graduate from high school. Where would you like to go on your big OE? On your blog tell us which country you would visit and give us three (3) reasons for your choice. Find some pictures on the internet of things that you would like to see and do in this country.

I’d love to go to Switzerland and spend lots of time in the mountains, learning how to ski!

For my OE, I would love to visit Samoa.

1# I have heard amazing things about this Country and I have always wanted to visit it since I was little

2# I want experience the beautiful waterfalls and seas that they have

3# I have alway wanted to learn their language and eat their traditional food

Activity 3: The 4 O'clock news
In 1982, Te Karere, a Māori-language news show premiered on television. It has continued to stream live on TV to this day. If you would like to watch it, turn on TV One at 3:55 p.m. each weekday and you will see it. The show is often hosted by a man named Scotty Morrison.

Imagine that you were Scotty Morrison and you were able to interview anyone you wanted. I would choose to interview our new prime minister, Jacinda Ardern. I’d love to know what it is like to be the Prime Minister.  What about you? Who would you choose to interview and why? What would you like to find out?

Donald Trump

What are your other ideas to make America “Great” again.

Do  you believe in global warming? If not, what could possibly be happening that is destroying our earth, and if so what are you as the president of the the United States of America going to do reduce this issue?

Their are major issues in our world. Name two or three global issues that you as President are tackling to reduce.

You may not of heard of this country which is called New Zealand. If Nz were to approach USA seeking help, how would you react or deal with this situation?

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  1. Hi Telesia,

    Well done on completing this activity.

    Wow I am so surprised that you want to visit Samoa! It is truly an amazing island.Well,Keep Up the Hard Work!


    1. Hi Anita,

      Yes! I have heard a lot of beautiful things about this country from you and I have always wanted to visit it. Thank You for commenting!


  2. Hey Telesia,

    I really like you story on Hairy Maclary and Machete. I really liked how you've talked about running down the streets hitting all the food bars Then cleaning all of it back up.

    I also see that you would like to travel to Samoa. I would also like to learn the language and have there traditional food.

    Great Choice on Donald Trump and also amazing answer.

    If you had that opportunity to Interview Donald Trump, Would you take that opportunity, and would you ask the answer that you wrote?

    Great Job

    By: Loto

  3. Hey Telesia!

    Lovely job with this blogpost! I like that your story about Hairy Mclairy had a happy ending; that even though he and Machete didn't like each other at first, they bonded and decided being friends was better! Very cute :) Have you read the Hairy Mclairy book?

    Nice choice! I'd love to go to Samoa, too! I'm not Samoan, but my nana was born in Samoa in the village called Vilely, so her parents named her Vilely which is pretty special. So I want to go there to see where her and her parents lived. It looks beautiful!

    Donald Trump would be an interesting man to interview! Those are really good questions, Telesia. I wonder what his answers would be. I'd love to know why his thoughts are about New Zealand also.

    Well done, Telesia!

    Nicky :)

  4. Ni hao Telesia

    What a country you have chosen right? I really love your information about my culture ! You are very creative and clever. Keep up the hard work!


  5. Kia Ora Telesia,
    Well done on completing Day 4 on Week 3. I enjoyed reading all three of your Activities especially your Hairy Maclary story. It's a great story. Keep up the good work


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