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SLJ WK3 Day 3 Activity 1, 2 & 3

Activity 1: Ready to roll

In the 1970s one of the most common television programmes was called ‘Ready to Roll.’ It was broadcast on Saturday afternoons and hosted by a man named Roger Gascoigne. During the show, Roger would introduce music videos and then play them for the TV audience. He also invited famous people to come onto the show and perform songs that were currently popular.  

Watch the following three clips that were shown on the Ready to Roll programme:

When you have finished, rank the clips in order from your most favourite (#1) to your least favourite (#3). Post your rankings on your blog.

1# Ray Columbus and the Invaders - This was my favourite because the song was a very catchy and happy song. I loved the small little moves they added in to go with the rhythm

2# New Zealand Underdogs - This song was similar to the Ray Columbus and the Invaders. They had dance moves but I don’t think that the song went well with it. I personally love catchy songs, but this one isn’t.

3# Golden Harvest - This was my least favourite song.I like the little movements they added, but I just did not like the style of the music, for it gave me this very weird feeling. It even the chills watching it.

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Activity 2:Bell Bottom Pants

Fashion in the 1970s was quite unique. Take a look at the pictures of a ‘typical’ 1970s outfit and tell us, on your blog, two things that you like about 1970s fashion and two things that you don’t like about the fashion of the day. I am not a huge fan of the patterned pants. What about you?


I love the tops that the girls and boys wore. I also loved how there hair was styled for it was very slick and pretty.


Just like Rachel I did not like the printed pants and how the pants was created. For example, how the pants is very loose at the end

Activity 3: A Bilingual Schooling System

For much of the past century, schools in New Zealand taught students in only one language – English. In 1972, Ngā Tamatoa member, Mrs. Hana Jackson, submitted a petition to Parliament to ask the government to include the teaching of Te Reo Māori (the Māori language) and Māori culture in New Zealand schools. We still use petitions to this day when we want an organisation (e.g. a school) to make a change.

Think about your school. What is one thing that you would like change. Would you like to learn about different things? Maybe you think school should only be open 3 days a week?

On your blog, write a letter to your principal to try and convince him/her to make the change. Ensure that your letter is polite and respectful.

Dear Principal

I am writing this letter to you because I want to make a change in our school. Because we only learn the same 4 subjects everyday i’d like to change those subjects, for they are very boring. When I think school, I think FUN!. and with these subjects in our way, school will just be as boring as staying home with parents.

As school principal, I understand that you need more reasoning to my statement, so here it is.

  • So we have fun
  • We learn just as much
  • Students will improve in their social skills
  • And we will make friends

Like I said kids will improve in their social skills and be able to communicate better with their peers no matter what gender they are. If students are having fun they are motivated to learn more and more throughout each day. Soon those who were lonely are full with the greatest friends ever.

Please write back as soon as you see this!

Kinds Regards,

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  1. F is for friends who do stuff together
    U is for you and me
    N is for anywhere and anytime at all

    Thanks for reminding me of an awesome Spongebob episode!

    I really liked reading your letter Telesia, it's a great idea bringing more fun into school because happier kids are more likely to learn.

    Your principal will probably ask you;
    "How do you want to bring more fun into school?"

    What will you say?

    What sort of changes do you want to see?

    What subjects would kids prefer to learn?

    I can't wait to hear what you have to say.

    Thanks, Billy

    1. Hi Billy,

      Yes! I loved that episode of sponge bob. It is very creative.

      Well, when I saw these questions I was completely stuck. Maybe more games (Learning) and more Art. Art is a good way for kids to express themselves in there own ways.

      Maybe, have less strict teachers. That's all I have at the moment. I'll definitely tell you if I have more. Thank You for commenting!


    2. Great idea! Sorry to ask tough questions, I was just really interested to hear a bit more.

      Look forward to it!


  2. Kia Orana Telesia,!
    Wow Nice Job,I really enjoyed your letter to our principal about changing our subjects,which I agree on.I think we should change our subjects,it would be fun and it also would help us improve in many things.I also enjoyed your dislikes and likes about the dress code back then.I got to agree with you and Rachel,that those pants are really weird and the tops are kinda better.Well Done,Keep it up!

  3. Hey Telesia!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the music clips. It's interesting to hear why you did or didn't like them. You like a good rhythm and some good dance moves! They are a little different to the music that's produced these days. What would be your favourite song or music video at the moment?

    Yes, the flared (baggy at the bottom) pants were a big fashion item in the 70's (I even used to wear flared jeans when I was younger) and somehow they seem to making a comeback into the fashion world with girls and guys wearing the again. I'm not a big fan either!

    Nicky :)

  4. Halo Telesia,

    Nice job on this blog post ! It is really creative how you reminded everybody to be happy as we can tell by the sponge bob picture and his song. Keep it up!


  5. Kia Ora Telesia,
    I enjoyed reading you blog post and i like how you ranked you most favourite and your most least favourite. Keep it up.


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