Sunday, 29 April 2018

Holiday Homework Activities

Here is my holiday homework slideshow that includes all of the activities I have finished. I have also blogged all of them for everyone to see. I enjoyed doing all of the activities. It was challenging, fun and I learned many new things.

Guess Who - Holiday Homework

This is one of our holiday homework activities. We had to find out who the people in the pictures are and write down why they are famous. Here are my answers below. 

Friday, 20 April 2018

Problem Solving No.2 - Holiday Homework

This was also very challenging but I made a template to help me out. I have put the link down below including where I think the treasure chest is.

2. The treasure map
Captain Blackheart buries his treasure but loses his treasure map! But all is not lost. His trusty crew remember different bits of the map.
Image result for treasure chest transparent
"I remember drawing it with 5 squares each way", says the Captain.
"There was a row of three trees running due East from the square (1,1)", Peg Leg Pete says. "You put each one of them on a different square."
"Weren’t there four granite boulders going due South from (5,5)?" John asks. "I think you put one of them each in a square too."
"Ah!. Now I remember!" yells the Captain. "I buried the treasure half way between the first rock and the most western tree!"
Where is the treasure?

Problem Solving - Holiday Homework

Problem solving
Image result for 5 points

5 points for each problem answered correct

Here is my strategy. I found it very challenging in the beginning but I got the hang of it in the end.

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Our Community - Holiday Homework

This is one our holiday homework activities. We had to find out more about these places located in our community. I have added some facts on the areas. (Sorry if it isn't a lot)

Poetry - Holiday Homework

Image result for poetry
What is poetry?
Poetry is a type of writing that expresses ideas and thoughts by using certain words in many different ways

Where do you read poems?
Poems can be read anywhere. For example at home or school

List down two famous poets from around the world.
William Wordsworth
Robert Frost

List down two famous poets from New Zealand.
Bill Manhire
Paula Green
Task - Write a poem about the Term 1 2018

Term 1 Poem

This term was filled with enjoyment and excitement
Full of many activities and new teachers
New jobs and monitors
House captain and ambassadors
School filled with many new children
And new friendships have been made
The feeling of a throw up comes as you receive your first certificate this year
New role models and the beginning of the last
Making the most of the most memorable year in life

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Pool Party Recount - Holiday Homework

Recount on the most exciting time you had in school.

On the 8th week of school, my classroom and I had a fun pool party at the Glenbrae school swimming pool. Along with our pool party we got to devour delicious sausage sizzles. This was all thanks to our teacher, the one and only, Mrs Tofa.

First Mrs Tofa decided to have races on the different swimming styles we learnt. The 2 main swimming styles were freestyle and backstroke. This was to see if had an improvement from the first time we stepped foot into the water. We went 2 at a time while Mrs Tofa timed us. I wasn’t the fastest but I definitely improved. I was very shocked as to what the fastest time was. It was 34 secs!. My jaw dropped to floor when I heard it.

After our ‘improvement races’, we got into our house groups (Kowhai, Kauri, Rata Nikau) and raced. Something very similar to the first activity but it was more fun. We did doggy paddles, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle and even butterfly stroke. Well at least we tried to swim. Difficult but very fun. Our pool was pretty big so we were all out of breath at the end of our races. My friends and I were full of laughter and had so much during our races.

It was that time of our pool party when we got to have free time for the rest of our swimming time. We had competitions as well as see who can hold their breath the longest underwater. We played tag, ran around the pool and tried to pool each other down. Of course it was fun but I did feel very sick while playing. So I hopped out and changed. I was sad that I missed out on all of the fun activities but I didn’t want to get more sick and make it worse.

It finally came to the end of our pool party. Mrs Tofa had cooked the sausages before the party and set it all up near the pool. We came one by one putting our sausage sizzle together. We sat down enjoying our delicious sausages. To top that off, Mrs Tofa bought us Tim Tams as kind of like a dessert. Later that day we got ice blocks right before our assembly.

Our pool party was filled with joy and excitement. I personally had a joyful time and can’t wait to have more fun with my classmates throughout the year.

Basic Facts - Holiday Homework

This is one of our holiday homework activities

Image result for basic factsImage result for 3 points

3 points for basic facts. All answers must be correct

12 X 4 = 48
9 X 8 = 72
8 X 6 = 48
2 X 10 = 20
32 X 9 = 288
32 X 3 = 96
95 X 7 = 665
17 X 7 = 119
61 X 3 = 183
282 = 5
279 = 3
241 = 24
564 = 14
408 = 5
10812 = 9
279 = 3
55 + 9 =64
83 + 7 = 90
33 + 9 = 42
314 + 4 = 318
621 +98 = 719

Speech Rocks - Holiday Homework

Image result for speech title

Why should there be a cafeteria in the hall selling food students want?

Glenbrae school should consider having a cafeteria in the hall. Now, the cafeteria would be selling food students want, but sometimes it is worth it for other students are lunch less almost every day. The school will be selling foods the students would want, but it is better to have food than not have any food at all. There are many students that come to school without lunch. Now, this may because your parents are busy and have no time to pack it. If that's the case having a cafeteria would solve all of your lunch problems. Teachers can arrange some kind of agreement so that you are given lunch every day.

Having a cafeteria will reduce the amount of rubbish is thrown when students bring their own lunch. When students have their own lunch I doubt that they’ll hesitate to throw it on the ground. With a cafeteria soon Glenbrae School could be known as a Rubbish Free school. In conclusion, a cafeteria in the hall can solve problems school and students may have.

I have clearly stated my logic and this should be considered.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Where in the World - Holiday Homework

For our holiday homework, our first task was to name the Landmarks and where it is located. Here it is below. 

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Sound Presentation

What is an active learner?

There is a difference between a orange and an apple. Just like there is difference between a student and an active student. Active students are greatly engaged and focused on learning, whether it is a physical or mental learning activity. They push and extend their learning so that they are ahead and are always prepared and ready for the next learning task. Active students are always determined, hard-working as well as they are committed and industrious.

An active student is kind collaborative and always help their peers. As an active learner, they should be able to collaborate and communicate well with their peers. They always admire and value their classmates ideas, as well as they value their feelings. Active students are always willing to help those in need of assist and give them the extra stretch they might of needed. It is important that active learners are able to act cooperatively and collaboratively towards their classmates in order to gain more trust from them.

People may assume that an active student  is an energetic and hyper person that jumps around as though there they have ants in there pants, but one of the real definitions of an active learner is that they are always occupied with their learning. Education is always an active learners first priority. Things like handing in work on time, finishing an assignment and trying to get ahead of everybody are some simple things an active student is willing to do. The more they accomplish in their learning, the more they will continue to enhance and intensify their education.

To become more active in their learning, they are always eager to try new things. Even if it is something they hate. When active students endeavour to do  a certain activity and fail, they never hesitate to get back up and try again. One of active students greatest benefits. No matter how impenetrable this activity is they will always find a way to master it. For there great and committed attitude has gone threw it. Attempt, fail, try  again. Three steps that an active learner will always have.

Active students are very collaborative,  hard - workers and are always determined and eager. It is someone that many many people are striving to become  and someone that is very active.