Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Speech Rocks - Holiday Homework

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Why should there be a cafeteria in the hall selling food students want?

Glenbrae school should consider having a cafeteria in the hall. Now, the cafeteria would be selling food students want, but sometimes it is worth it for other students are lunch less almost every day. The school will be selling foods the students would want, but it is better to have food than not have any food at all. There are many students that come to school without lunch. Now, this may because your parents are busy and have no time to pack it. If that's the case having a cafeteria would solve all of your lunch problems. Teachers can arrange some kind of agreement so that you are given lunch every day.

Having a cafeteria will reduce the amount of rubbish is thrown when students bring their own lunch. When students have their own lunch I doubt that they’ll hesitate to throw it on the ground. With a cafeteria soon Glenbrae School could be known as a Rubbish Free school. In conclusion, a cafeteria in the hall can solve problems school and students may have.

I have clearly stated my logic and this should be considered.

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