Thursday, 12 April 2018

What is an active learner?

There is a difference between a orange and an apple. Just like there is difference between a student and an active student. Active students are greatly engaged and focused on learning, whether it is a physical or mental learning activity. They push and extend their learning so that they are ahead and are always prepared and ready for the next learning task. Active students are always determined, hard-working as well as they are committed and industrious.

An active student is kind collaborative and always help their peers. As an active learner, they should be able to collaborate and communicate well with their peers. They always admire and value their classmates ideas, as well as they value their feelings. Active students are always willing to help those in need of assist and give them the extra stretch they might of needed. It is important that active learners are able to act cooperatively and collaboratively towards their classmates in order to gain more trust from them.

People may assume that an active student  is an energetic and hyper person that jumps around as though there they have ants in there pants, but one of the real definitions of an active learner is that they are always occupied with their learning. Education is always an active learners first priority. Things like handing in work on time, finishing an assignment and trying to get ahead of everybody are some simple things an active student is willing to do. The more they accomplish in their learning, the more they will continue to enhance and intensify their education.

To become more active in their learning, they are always eager to try new things. Even if it is something they hate. When active students endeavour to do  a certain activity and fail, they never hesitate to get back up and try again. One of active students greatest benefits. No matter how impenetrable this activity is they will always find a way to master it. For there great and committed attitude has gone threw it. Attempt, fail, try  again. Three steps that an active learner will always have.

Active students are very collaborative,  hard - workers and are always determined and eager. It is someone that many many people are striving to become  and someone that is very active.

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