Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Pool Party Recount - Holiday Homework

Recount on the most exciting time you had in school.

On the 8th week of school, my classroom and I had a fun pool party at the Glenbrae school swimming pool. Along with our pool party we got to devour delicious sausage sizzles. This was all thanks to our teacher, the one and only, Mrs Tofa.

First Mrs Tofa decided to have races on the different swimming styles we learnt. The 2 main swimming styles were freestyle and backstroke. This was to see if had an improvement from the first time we stepped foot into the water. We went 2 at a time while Mrs Tofa timed us. I wasn’t the fastest but I definitely improved. I was very shocked as to what the fastest time was. It was 34 secs!. My jaw dropped to floor when I heard it.

After our ‘improvement races’, we got into our house groups (Kowhai, Kauri, Rata Nikau) and raced. Something very similar to the first activity but it was more fun. We did doggy paddles, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle and even butterfly stroke. Well at least we tried to swim. Difficult but very fun. Our pool was pretty big so we were all out of breath at the end of our races. My friends and I were full of laughter and had so much during our races.

It was that time of our pool party when we got to have free time for the rest of our swimming time. We had competitions as well as see who can hold their breath the longest underwater. We played tag, ran around the pool and tried to pool each other down. Of course it was fun but I did feel very sick while playing. So I hopped out and changed. I was sad that I missed out on all of the fun activities but I didn’t want to get more sick and make it worse.

It finally came to the end of our pool party. Mrs Tofa had cooked the sausages before the party and set it all up near the pool. We came one by one putting our sausage sizzle together. We sat down enjoying our delicious sausages. To top that off, Mrs Tofa bought us Tim Tams as kind of like a dessert. Later that day we got ice blocks right before our assembly.

Our pool party was filled with joy and excitement. I personally had a joyful time and can’t wait to have more fun with my classmates throughout the year.

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