Thursday, 30 March 2017

After the spill

After the spill

  1. Where and when did the event take place? The event took place in Tauranga

  1. Using the article and first few pages of the book, write a brief summary to explain what happened in the Rena oil spill. The waves were very strong as the the boat was traveling from Tauranga to Napier. The ship was filled with 350 tonnes of oil. The ship collapsed into the water and poured out all of the oil. The oil spill killed a lot of sea creatures and made the seafood poisonous, which made the people curious whether or not the food is safe to eat. Over 8000 people volunteered to help clean the coastline. They helped clean off the the bodies of 409 birds and collected 2410 birds covered in oil. People were wondering whether it will happen again.
  1. What role do you think scientists might have played, “after the oil spill”? They examined the seafood to see if they could eat it or not

  1. Why was it important for the iwi and scientists to work together? The iwi had some important information that the scientist needs and the scientist needed the iwi to get some advice from the local iwi

  1. How will the findings help the scientists and iwi if there was a similar disaster? They will be ready and will know what to do next time this happens

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