Monday, 27 March 2017


Pollution is something that is harming the earth that has animals and humans in it. All sorts of pollution is bad. For example Air Pollution, Water Pollution and Climate Change. Those are 3 main ways we are harming the earth. People are throwing rubbish on the ground, cutting down trees and using too much gas which is atrocious.

Air Pollution

Air Pollution is something that is bad for us humans and believe it or not we are the ones that are causing it. We keep on cutting down trees when we clearly need it and loads of rubbish is thrown onto the ground. There are too many factories around the world releasing too much smoke into the air. That means less fresh air, which might cause us to eventually die.Trees provide oxygen which we need to breathe.

Climate Change

Climate change is just like the weather but slower. When the sun's light reflects onto the earth, it reflects back into the atmosphere and what they call the greenhouse gases traps the warmth into the greenhouse gases. We only need a few of the greenhouse gases. It keeps the earth warm enough for us to live in. Because we are using too much gas, it's releasing more warmth into the greenhouse gases which is making our planet warmer and warmer and reacting like a blanket.

Water Pollution

Water Pollution is what is killing our sea animals and could make our water dirty and disgusting. There are loads of rubbish in the sea near the pacific ocean. That is not because of the people living in Tonga, Samoa or Fiji. The rubbish near the pacific ocean comes from U.S.A, Russia and many more. When rubbish is thrown into the sea they all come together and travel to small countries or islands like Tonga, Samoa, Fiji and more.


The world is starting to fall apart because of pollution around the world. Not everyone will agree to stop pollution because we need cars to get around. So what I have written down is what will happen if we keep on polluting the environment.


  1. Hi Telesia,

    It is great to see that there is so much information in this piece of writing and you have followed the structure of an explanation. We will keep working on your grammar and editing in the future, to make sure all of your sentences are correct. However, you introduced some good academic vocabulary in this piece of writing!


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