Thursday, 23 March 2017

Write4Gold by Vanessa York


Why is the title of the article ‘Write4Gold’? Because it is the name of the graffiti competition

Is this graffiti illegal? Graffiti is illegal because they think it is vandalism and because it is tagged on buildings without the owner's permission

Can graffiti be considered art? Yes

What is your opinion of graffiti? I think that it is a beautiful kind of art and should be shown everywhere

What is the main message of this poem about graffiti? That graffiti is a disgrace and should stay illegal

How did the authors of the poem and article feel about graffiti? I think the author thinks that graffiti is an amazing and should stop it from being illegal.
If you were designing a graffiti image about the environment, what might you create?

E.g. plastic bags in the shape of a whale.

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  1. Hi Telesia,

    You have read this book very well, but you might want to have another think about the meaning of the poem.


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