Thursday, 16 March 2017

How can you look after our health?

We need to look after our health very well. Most people in NZ don’t care about being healthy and they just eat junk food. For us to be healthy we have to have a good hygiene and live a happy life.
Eating Healthy is very good for your health
Eating healthy makes you fit and improve your mental health. Also it helps you sleep better if your are struggling to. If you are stressed out just eat healthy food before you go to sleep.Eating healthy food provides energy and keep your heart beating. If you eat a lot of unhealthy food it makes you gain weight and if you keep on continuing you could get even fatter.
Drinking water is very good for your health
Drinking water improves your moods and help boost your energy level up. Drinking water also cleans out your toxins out of your body and makes your skin look young and healthy. If you stop drinking water you will start to dehydrate which is very very bad. When you are dehydrated you will not focus and you energy level won’t be at its best. Maybe drink a glass of water after every meal will really help improve your health
Staying fit can really help with your health
It can increase your strength and grow muscles. Staying fit can also make you lose a lot of weight and become faster. Going for a run at least once a week can burn a lot of fat. Believe or not sweating is actually really good, it is a sign that you are losing some weight.
Now make sure that you eat healthy, stay fit and drink heaps of water. I hope you have learnt a lot after reading my writing and make sure to stay healthy

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  1. Hi Telesia,

    Well done for clearly illustrating your topic and supporting sentences in each paragraph. You also included one point per paragraph which is very important. Next we will focus on using academic language in our explanations. We will also remember to introduce the points that we are making in our body paragraphs in our introduction!