Friday, 20 January 2017

Auckland Live

Image result for auckland liveYesterday two classes from Glen brae school went to a very cool trip to Auckland live. We took the bus all the way into the town hall. We first went to the auditorium to watch a circus act and we learnt how to do the head stand which was very cool. Next we went to see the clowns. They were very funny and taught us the 3 simple rules of being a clown. After that we went to place we met up at saw to different dances that were danced by 4 people. The 2 dances were the ghost dance and the sweater dance. The 4 dancers taught us the ghost dance which very easy to learn. We also played fun games with them. Lastly we sat down and waited for our bus to come. We left with a smile on our faces and enjoyed our trip.

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