Friday, 20 January 2017

My Season Poem

Summer, All I can think of it is the warmth
of the sun touching my delicate skin.
But if it starts pouring of course i’m staying
In.                                                                                          =  Summer
As the sun ray grows hotter, my ice - cream
melts leaving a memorable but delicious stain on
my shirt. Playing on the field noticing there’s
nothing but dried up dirt.

Autumn, When the bright and colourful fall
leaves fall off the trees. Flowing elegantly
like a swarm of peaceful bunch of colourful
Bees.                                                                                        = Autumn
Burnt beautiful colours and they also come
in different shapes. As the leaves are gathered
on earth, they are bunched up like loose

Winter, The days are much colder, and we
become cold too. The air is much more
freezing, and the wind creeps upon us
screaming "BOO"                                                                  = Winter
Sweaters, Jumpers, blankets are all you
need to prepare yourself or family. Sitting
down in the living room telling winter jokes
that are really really funny.
Spring, Flowers Blooming, birds arrive, Spring
makes the world a better place. Soon we will
feel spring's warmth and the smell of the scent
from the flowers that puts a smile on your face
                                                                                               = Spring
Different flowers growing in different places
the world or where you live and Birds sing. No
more snow, the nature wakes up from winter

Finally oh Finally it's Spring

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