Friday, 20 January 2017

Science Intensive with Mrs Tofa

Today we went to Rm 7 to have science intensive. The topic was movement. There is three laws of motion that Isaac Newton created or made. We also researched some information about Isaac Newton.

First Law - Inertia
Inertia means force that remains unchanged unless it gets moved by someone

Second Law
The second law means the heavier the object is the more force you need to move it.

Information about Isaac:
  • Born in 25th of December
  • Went to two colleges
  • Got two degrees - Masters and Bachelor
  • Died in 1727
  • Got knighted by Queen Anne
The last thing we did was make a car that moves out of straws, wheels, tape and balloons. That was the most challenging thing I have ever did. Sadly we couldn't finish. We had so much fun in her class room and we hoped to go to there again. 

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