Friday, 20 January 2017

Kiwi Can Term 4 Week 7

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At Kiwi Can we talked about respecting environment which was our topic. Our theme was Respect and this weeks catchphrase was "Respect this place, Treat it like your own, At the end of the day, It's where we call home". We had no energiser because we spent most of that time speaking about the topic. For our activity we played one of the games that we made up the last time we had kiwi can. It was called Crick-by which was the game my group and I made up. It was very easy because it was the rules that they use for softball. It was very hot and fun. Lastly we got straight into the points. We got 5 for everything which means we had 25 points. We said our goodbye chant and left the classroom quietly.

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