Wednesday, 20 December 2017

SLJ - Wk 1 Day 1 Activity 2 (Setting Sail)

Activity 2: Setting Sail
The first settlers to come to New Zealand must
have been really brave! They had to leave their
original homes and sail thousands of miles across
the ocean on a special boat called a ‘waka’ to reach
New Zealand.

Imagine that you were on board one of the wakas.
On your blog, write a short letter to a friend telling
them about your voyage to New Zealand. In the letter
be sure to tell them how you feel about moving to a new
country. If it was me, I would have felt really nervous…

Hi......... (Friend)

I have just arrived to New Zealand. I can’t say much but what I can tell you is that it was amazing.
I was nervous at first but when we arrived here there was just a phenomenal scenery that I will never forgot.
My fellow villagers and I are excited to see what else is out there. Oh how I wish you were here to experience what I have experienced. Until now….Stay Safe. Good Bye!

Bonus Activity: Waka Ama
To this day, the people of New Zealand still use waka.
Instead of using their waka to transport them from
one place to another, they sometimes use waka in
special events and in sporting competitions such
as Waka Ama. Both boys and girls compete in
Waka Ama boat races.

First of all I would love to take part in a waka ama race.
It sounds really really fun and it is a very fun way to exercise.
Hopefully one day I get to take part in this fun activity.

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  1. Hey there Telesia, my name is Billy and I am from the Summer Learning Journey programme. It's great to have you blogging with us.

    Thanks for the letter you wrote to your friend. I love how you have described the scenery as phenomenal. That is a fantastic word.

    Can you tell us a bit more about the journey? You could talk about the weather, the sharks, the food, the time it took perhaps.

    Thanks, Billy


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