Thursday, 31 May 2018

Myths and Legneds

Myths and Legends

What are these myths and legends about?

Legend: Bunny Man
The bunny man is a urban legend which originated from two incidents which happened in the USA. Bunny Man has proven to be seen many times around Fairfax, Virginia Washington D.C.

Myth: Onryō
Onryō is a mythical creature originated in Japan, . As for Onryō, she appears when people die from suicide, murder, betrayal and catastrophe. Her name Onryō means ‘vengeful spirit’. She is a japanese ghost that causes harm in the world, killing enemies and natural disasters.  

What are the differences?

Onryo: She is a spirit which looks for harm against others. As for bunny man he is not a fan of trespassing so only brings endurance to people unless he has to.

Bunny Man : Bunny man is a man inside a bunny costume who hates people trespassing. Bunny man supposedly is a fake story which people had passed on for generations now. Onryo is a spirit and proven to be real.

What are similarities?

They both have brought harm to people

They are declared to be spirits/ghosts

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