Friday, 18 May 2018

Argument Writing: Why should the liquor store be banned?

Liquor, or as us students know it as alcohol. Many Glenbrae students are aware of the liquor store located at Fen-church. There are countless amount of people that enter empty handed and then exit with a box a size of an elephant. Surely people don’t need that much liquor. But apparently they take more than they should be. This store allures not only adults but teenagers preferably age 16 and over.

There are definitely teenagers as well as children who roam around the community. At a young age I think that having a liquor store around college and primary schools would have an impact on whether or not they should drink this liquor. Adults who are immature purchase liquor from this store and are unaware of the problems that could happen. To me this is a serious matter that could potentially end lives.

College students over the age of 16 can effortlessly change out of there uniform and purchase liquor. This store has been in trouble for selling liquor to younger teenagers once and there is a possibility that they could do it again. When students digest or drink alcohol they are unable to think straight the next day for school. This affects their educational life as well as there life itself.

Around where I live there are many glass liquor bottles that are smashed around the pathway, as well as cans thrown around our community. This enlarges the amount of rubbish thrown in our community and it wouldn’t look as nice for families looking for a place to live.  The glass bottles that are smashed onto the ground causes kids walking to and from school to accidentally step on the glass. These bottles are very sharp and very dangerous. So anything can happen.

In conclusion, this is why I think the liquor store should be banned. This is a major problem that should be dealt with immediately so that no one is harmed. For no one to get harmed, this store should be banned. Please take this into consideration.


  1. Thank you for your time today. We really enjoyed seeing your presentation and having a tour of your school. Thank you for sharing your learning with us.

    1. Hi Paul,

      It was a pleasure taking you around our school and we had a great day as well. Hope you will come back soon! Thank you for commenting


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