Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Famous New Zealanders

In my class (room 8) we have been learning about the history of New Zealand. I have created a google doc that has loads of Famous New Zealanders that have changed New Zealand or in fact the world. They created history and is still remembered to this day. Here they are :)
Hone Heke
Famous for - First chief to sign the treaty of waitangi
The one who cut down the flagpole
Age: He died on the age of 43
Nationality - He is a Maori/New Zealand

Richie Mccaw
Famous for -  He was a captain for the All Blacks team and was one
of the best captains in history
Age: 36
Nationality - New Zealand

Sir Edmund Hillary
Famous for - First person to climb Mt everest and make it back
But sadly he died at the age of 88 2008

Parris Global
Famous for - Dancing, choreographing, directing, singing and music producer
Age: 25
Nationality - New Zealand

Kate Shepherd
Famous for - Supported women to get the vote
Age - Died at 87

Āpirana Ngata - First person to get a double degree  in NZ , first maori to get a degree, first maori politician
Age at death: 76

Jean Batten - First person to travel solo to England and Back (nz). She broke long distance flying records. Unfortunately she died alone in Majorca.
Age at Death: 73

Billy T James  - A famous  comedian who lived life making people laugh.
Age at death: 43

Jack Lovelock - He is the first New Zealand athlete to win an olympic medal. Also he became the world record holder and 1936 Olympic champion in the 1500 metre run
Age at death: 39


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