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Matariki is a maori name for cluster of stars also known as Pleiades. The meaning of Matariki is the “The Eyes of God”. Matariki is celebrated in either early June or late

During Matariki people pray, dance, sing, fly kites and many many more. These celebrations are still practised to this day.Matariki is a time when we remember those who have died in the past year.

Matariki is made up of the seven stars (sisters)
  • Te uru oe Te rangi
  • Tupua a rangi
  • Tupua a nuku
  • Waiti
  • Waita
  • Waipuna a rangi
  • Mereope

It has many different names for Matariki            

  • In Hawaii (Makali’i) or (Eyes of Royalty)
  • In Japan (Subaru) or (Gathered Together)
  • In Tongan (Mataliki)
  • In Samoan (Mataili)
  • In Rarotonga (Matariki)
  • In Maori (Matariki)

The pleiades can be seen in New Zealand which means everyone or anyone can see it. Find the constellation Tautoru, trace a line northwards, look for a faint sparkle of tiny spots and that is the Matariki star cluster.

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