Tuesday, 13 June 2017

My Diary Entry

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In my class for reading, we have been reading a book called Captain Cook. For my create activity I was told to write a diary entry as captain cook or one of his crew members. Here is my diary entry…

“Dear Diary, I am on a crew ship with my crew members. It has been 4 years, yes I said 4 years and finally we have found land. I am so happy because I think that we have just discovered a new island. We got of the boat and had a little tour around the island. It had heaps of trees, fruit, vegetables, landscapes and heaps more. I think I am going to name this island hmmm “The Cook Islands”. Now that's a good name, Bye Diary”

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  1. Hi Telesia/ Captain Cook! How did it feel the first time that you saw the Cook Islands? How have you got along with the native Cook Islanders so far?


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