Tuesday, 13 June 2017

House Tabloids

House Tabloids

Last Week, Glenbrae School participated in house tabloids.

First all of the classes went to the courts and split into house groups. Then all of the house groups split into two groups. For example Rata 1 and Rata 2. The house groups are Rata, Kowhai, Kauri and Nikau. The teachers sent all of the house groups to different activities. I am in kowhai so we first went to where Mrs. Adcock was. We had to put the hula hoop around our legs and run to the cone and run back.

All of our kowhai members were so happy because we WON. Unfortunately we only got to play once so we went to the next activity. Next we went  to Mr Nath which is when you have to hold on to your partner's hand and zig zag around the cones. The activity was very fun and easy to play. Yes yes we did win. Again everyone was so happy that we won. It was time for us to go to our 3rd and last activity.

So our last activity was with Mrs Ripata. So all we had to do was get into a circle, hold each other's hand and try to get the hula hoop around without dropping the hula hooping our using our hands. That was very fun because we played as a team and also was working together really well. We were versing Nikau and it was a tie. There team played very well and we were both happy.

All of the house groups went back to the courts so that we could announce 1st place and 2nd place. 2nd place was kowhai (My House) and 1st place was was Kauri. At the end I think that all of the houses played really really well and had good sportsmanship.

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