Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Earthquake Tower Challenge

Earthquake  Tower Challenge

We had to design and construct a 2-story building using the following materials:
-30 Straws
-1 cardboard base (25 cm by 25 cm)
-30 Straws
-100 paper clips (one box)
-20 pins
-2 meter of strings

During construction, what strategies did you use to strengthen  the weaker areas? Why?
-We pinned more pins to the building to make it more stiff so that the sandbag will ly on the building without collapsing.

During construction, how did you test the strength and stability of your structure?
-We tested it by laying a sandbag on the building and it was 250g

What are the strongest parts of your building and Why?
-The base was the strongest part of the building because it help hold the tower in place!

What are the weakest parts of your building? Why?
-Walls and corners because it kept on bending and leaning to the side which caused it to collapse

Where did you use the string in your structure? Why?
-Mostly the corners because it helped make the corners more stable

Where did you use the pins for the structure? Why?
-We used the pins to pin down the tower to the base.We also used it to help the straw connect with the other straws that haven’t been done

If you had 5 straws, where would you put it? Why?
-If we had 5 more straws then we would put it on the weakest part of our building which is the corners or sides.


  1. Hi Telesia,

    It is great to see what you considered when you created this structure today. Was your structure successful in the end?

    1. Kia Ora Miss Stone,

      Unfortunately our building wasn't successful. It kept on bending and leaning to the side. Anyways thank you for your lovely comment!



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