Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Pompallier Mission House

On 22nd of August 2017, the year 7 and 8 students from Glenbrae school had the chance to visit the Pompallier mission house at Russell as part of our school camp. Sixteen students visited the Pompallier mission house, along with the 2 teachers Miss Stone and Mrs Tofa.

It took us only about five minutes to arrive at our destination because our camp site was also in Russell. Our groups walked through the path and waited outside the Pompallier mission house for the tour to begin. Minutes later, our tour guide arrived and greeted us with a warm smile. Julie, our tour guide, started by giving us some background information about the house. They say the house was built only by five people and in some rooms, the builders incorporated shells, rocks and sand to make the walls. I was completely shocked.

Julie, took us into the first room. I walked in and saw a printer placed on a cross and loads of brown leather, which Julie said the french missionaries had made. Again I was completely shocked. Julie took us into the next room which was about leather. She took us outside where there was a hole with brown water in it. She explained how they made the leather which made us all disgusted. It included water, bark and cow urine.

Julie took us upstairs where it all explained why they made leather so much, one reason was for clothing and book covers. She said that the whole point of the house was to share a type of Christianity called Catholic. They used the leather to make prayer books too!. They stuck it to the front, back and sides of the book and then gave them out for free.

It came to the end of our tour. The tour guide really wanted us to sing a waiata for her so we sang Hallelujah. I think that we sang beautifully and pleased the tour guide Julie. She was also very impressed

We spent about an hour there and really enjoyed the tour. We all learnt a lot about the house. I was absolutely shocked, surprised and all sorts of emotions. I learnt loads about about my religion that I hadn’t known before  and hope that I come back and visit the beautiful Pompallier Mission House!.

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