Friday, 9 February 2018

Dye Art

In room 7 we decided to create  flowers filled with patterns and colour dye. We call it Dye Art. In this flower you can use any kind of patterns and colours to make it beautiful. Here is how you make it.

Crayon (Not Pastels)
A piece of A4 paper
A sketching pencil or a normal pencil
Dye (Any colour)
A paint brush
Some Newspaper (Optional)


First, just to make it easier you will need to fold your A4 piece of paper into quarters and start sketching out your 4 petals

Now insert your own pattern. Make sure it is not too small.

Pick out 2-3 colours and get them ready for the next step

Take one colour and and use it to go over the outline design

Go over the lines at least once or twice When done get a teacher or adult to help you with the dye part. You will have to dip your paint brush in the dye and then go over the whole flower

Now take your paper and place it somewhere safe to dry

When all dry, cut the whole flower out and arrange flower on cardboard.

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